Adjustable supports for 2 high-frequency spindles

Every day there are more projects that we develop with supports for high frequency spindles, both fixed and adjustable, for turning lathes. We always find optimal solutions for any need our customers might have due to the large experience we have and keep achieving.

We have carried out the design and manufacture of two supports adapted to a Swiss type lathe with an angle regulation system to perform work on components in the medical and industrial sectors, where two high frequency spindles are incorporated simultaneously. The equipment has been developed for a versatile use, capable of working in future applications that require different angles. Through a very strong and simple regulation system we offer a working range of ± 105° on one support and ± 100° on the other.

At Precitronics we defined the project concept, we study, design and manufacture the product, always fitting the specifications.

In each project we carry out, we follow the requirements needed by the system to achieve the manufacturing objectives and obtain optimal results, making it possible to meet customer expectations.