Gang Tooling Ø31

L20 Axial ER16

L20 Axial ER20

L20 Axial Speeder

L20 Radial Double Output

L20 Radial Set-back ER11

L20 Radial Set-back ER16

L20 Radial Set-back Speeder

L20 Radial Adjustable ±90°

L20 Radial 2 Outputs

L20 Radial 3 Outputs

L20 Polygon Maker

L20 Thread Whirling ±15°

L20 Thread Whirling ±30°

GSC3010 / GSC3110

L20N Axial ER16

L20N Radial Double Output

L20N Radial Set-back

L20N Axial Double Output

L20N Polygon Maker

L20N Thread Whirling ±15°

L20N Thread Whirling ±30°

Back End Tooling

L20 Axial BE

L20 Axial Long BE

L20 Axial Offset BE

L20 Axial Speeder BE

L20 Radial Set-back BE

L20 Radial Set-back Speeder BE

L20 Radial Adjustable 0-90° BE